Tuesday, March 15, 2011

GTA San Andreas Hot Coffee (Adult) Mod 2.1

GTA San Andreas Hot Coffee - Uncensored mod

With this mod you will be able to unlock the uncensored interactive sex-games with your girlfriends in San Andreas. All the action of the game had been originally built by Rockstar but they decided to cut it out in the final release.

Here are some key features of "GTA San Andreas Hot Coffee Adult Mod":

· You're dating every girlfriend from the beginning
· Girlfriends are always available for dates
· Girlfriends will have coffee with your after every date from the beginning.
· You will be able to see what they do when they say that they're drinking coffee.
· The "coffee drinking" is interactive, so you can proof yourself.
· You will still be able to play all the missions and side-games.

- Backup your data/script/main.scm and data/script/script.img files
- Replace the original main.scm and script.img files with the versions in this archive
- Start a new game (old savefile will no longer work)
- Go to one of your girlfriends, date her en take her home.



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